Saturday, July 30, 2011

Give me money!

So, law school starts in 3 weeks and 3 days...or orientation does, anyway. If you've listened to previous shows you know I've been pondering how best to monetize the show. Right now the best thing you can do to help me keep the show going is donate to my webhosting for (osp). While it's true osp and MMPunkcast don't have anything in common besides me, right now I'm in the middle of moving, looking for an apartment and all of that jazz. I am going to try to get flattr buttons up for all the shows. I apparently made one for the first show even though it's got -NC tracks in it. I guess I'll leave it up since no one has said anything. I'll continue to get flattr buttons up for shows that don't use -NC, which probably means I'll no longer be doing -NC. Whether I move to using -ND is still a decision I need to make. I probably won't because I'd like to use tracks here and for MMP.

Just in case you are wondering, I am planning to work for free culture/free software once getting out of school.

Anyway, for anyone who does not have a flattr account, feel free to donate to the webhosting. I doubt I'll be able to register as a 501(3)(c) to allow non-fee Google Checkout, but I will look into receiving donations via other means besides Dreamhost. I'm up for suggestions. Also, is there a way to make a flattr button before you know the URL of the show?

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  1. You could always just put one on the sidebar for the site itself couldn't you?

  2. yeah, I was thinking about that, but 002 has -NC stuff on it. I didn't put the flattr button on the first one. It's just on the flattr site. I realize that two episodes might not be worth it going forward, but I don't really want to nix episodes. I could just leave them on and take them off the site.

  3. I realize that two episodes might not be worth it going forward, but I don't really want to nix episodes